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visual rhetoric. [Nov. 23rd, 2008|11:53 pm]
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visual rhetoric.



01. visual rhetoric
02. violet
03. lecture
04. careful

tracks 2 and 4 contain elements of a field recording by joopy

tracks permanently archived in multiple formats at archive.org



[User Picture]From: silenceinspades
2008-11-25 08:07 am (UTC)


there's a chance i might've listened to this over 400 times already.
forgot it was on until i turned it off and now i'm turning it back on.
subliminal sound jujitsu.
[User Picture]From: stanleylieber
2008-11-25 03:28 pm (UTC)


One thing that has always bothered me about science fiction is that authors never detail how the space ships create all that sound through a network of FM transmitters linked to earbuds in the passengers' ears. When the ship goes to >lightspeed or gets hit with something, sound is transmitted to the earbuds, similar to the "rumble" technology in video game controllers.