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Piracy [Feb. 11th, 2006|11:08 pm]
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01. Artificial Chess
02. 3733+
04. Nobody Listens
05. Trying To Discern Intelligence
06. It Is Written
07. Passive Aggressive Rebel
08. Blanket Adoration (demo)
09. Retroactive Ownership
10. Pirates (c.1986)
11. Treasure(d) Island
12. Reverse Elitism

Originally released July 4, 2000. From the liner notes:

    Well, MP3.com lost, Napster lost, Emmanuel lost -- it seems like everyone is losing.

    I started this the day the initial press releases were issued about major labels suing MP3.com. Of course, at the time, it still seemed possible that the courts would blow off the DMCA and opt for common sense when it came to understanding issues of 'intellectual property.'

    Apparently not.

    So there is no such thing as fair use anymore. Okay. In addition, most every work created at the behest of a corporate interest will probably end up being 'work-for-hire' in retrospect. Sounds fair, no? A little bit of the old 'We'll sell your ideas in Asia without even telling you -- much less kicking in your royalties; but don't you dare even criticize us in public or we'll sue the shit out of you -- and we'll win because no company in their right mind would ever give you enough liquid assets to win a lawsuit against a major corporation.'


The original MP3s I linked to were encoded at 128kpbs in 2000, and frankly didn't sound great. They also didn't have proper ID3 tags. At anglerfish96's suggestion, I have have re-ripped the album from CD and tagged each MP3 accordingly.


My car was destroyed in a head-on collision shortly after I completed the album.


* license


[User Picture]From: bricology
2006-02-12 08:01 am (UTC)


Good god, man! -any damage to you?!
[User Picture]From: stanleylieber
2006-02-12 08:03 am (UTC)


Fortunately not a scratch. For a couple of seconds though I thought the jig was up!
[User Picture]From: bricology
2006-02-12 08:15 am (UTC)


That's a relief! Well then, if it isn't too tasteless of me to ask--was the experience of the accident itself at least interesting or exciting? Did any portion of your life pass anywhere near you?

I've always been entirely detached during the serious accidents I've been in, and I'm curious about the reactions of others. (Besides the overpowering urge to take an aluminum bat to the other driver, I mean.)
[User Picture]From: stanleylieber
2006-02-12 10:21 pm (UTC)


It (literally) blew the sunglasses off of my face. There was only a split-second for me to realize what was happening before the impact, and as I recall my thought was, 'Well, here goes,' or something along those lines. The collision spun my car around 180 degrees and I rolled off the highway into some grass. When the police arrived they told me they weren't going to bother writing me a ticket because I'd have more than enough headaches from my insurance company (who never gave me the slightest bit of trouble because I did not report the accident).

I find that I am similarly detached in such situations. It helps. Especially when the other driver is screaming into your face.
[User Picture]From: piratehead
2006-02-12 03:09 pm (UTC)


I'm sorry about your Corolla. It's a fine automobile that will run indefinitely if not suddenly and forcibly crumpled. I'm glad you are well. This is the same accident you reported in the last couple months, right?

I look forward to listening to this album. Now that I finally have an iPod, I've been catching up on a lot of music listening. I listen to Paper Skeletons with some frequency-- it puts me in a very wierd headspace that I find suitable for lurking in the unnaturally angled corners of the 12 floor of Robarts library. I especially like Paper Winter.
[User Picture]From: stanleylieber
2006-02-12 10:26 pm (UTC)


Thanks, but no, this accident (and this album) took place in 2000. I missed my Camry for years until I acquired the Subaru Outback (also a fine car!) that... was recently demolished in another head-on collision. At least it wasn't my fault this time, right? Also I've replaced that car with another Subaru Outback. Am I courting disaster?

As for Paper Winter, thank you. Piracy is old enough that I haven't listened to it in a while now. I find that, wherever I am along the temporal chart, I tend to hate my current work and fall in love with whatever I was doing about 5-6 years ago. Voila.

[User Picture]From: dzima
2006-02-12 10:45 pm (UTC)


This is my type of car:

[User Picture]From: stanleylieber
2006-02-12 10:50 pm (UTC)


Seems kind of awkward.
[User Picture]From: bricology
2006-02-13 01:20 am (UTC)


Back in the summer of 1988, I purchased a 1965 Mercedes sedan--the one with the tailfins--and restored it, mechanically and cosmetically. Two weeks later, my wife and I were driving to a Hallowe'en party, dressed as dead Edwardians (whiteface, dark circles under the eyes, etc.). A drunk in a big Ford van ran a red light and smashed into my wife's door at about 30mph/45kph; the impact knocked us across 3 lanes, and into the curb. It broke her seat off of its mounts, and she ended up across my lap and yet, neither of us were hurt. The ambulance crew was a bit unnerved to see two "dead" people stumbling around!

The car was totaled, although we ended up selling it to a fellow who intended to restore it. Once our insurance company paid off, I went right out and bought another car just like it. I figure--once a certain model of car has proven its mettle, you might as well stick with it.
[User Picture]From: stanleylieber
2006-02-13 08:01 am (UTC)


'I figure--once a certain model of car has proven its mettle, you might as well stick with it.'

I couldn't agree more. Prior to the Outback I had a Volvo 240, which had a similar safety rating to the wagon. Crumple zones!

Glad to hear you both evaded injury as well. The worst thing about driving is having to look out for not only your own position, but also having to try and predict the movements of others.
[User Picture]From: me_vs_gutenberg
2006-02-12 07:40 pm (UTC)


Or is it?
[User Picture]From: stanleylieber
2006-02-12 10:30 pm (UTC)


That's what I thought.
[User Picture]From: stanleylieber
2006-02-12 10:30 pm (UTC)


By the way, nice to see you back.
[User Picture]From: dzima
2006-02-12 10:16 pm (UTC)


Some of this tracks have a 'jerky' quality, which I enjoy. Perfect film soundtrack.
[User Picture]From: stanleylieber
2006-02-12 10:33 pm (UTC)


Most of this was made using a Roland TR-505 for percussion, which I acquired for fifty bucks from a guy here in town I had only a passing acquaintance with. Very primitive device, which didn't even allow for programming your own beats.
[User Picture]From: anglerfish96
2006-02-13 05:32 am (UTC)


Nice. :)

You should fill in your mp3 tags, though, so I can get you on my last.fm playlist proper without having to spend an extra ten minutes doing it myself.

*end scold*

Actually, it's okay, that's what I'm spending the night doing right now for all my tracks (ugh).
[User Picture]From: stanleylieber
2006-02-13 07:09 am (UTC)


You know, you're right. I just linked to old MP3s I had stored from the days when these were all available at MP3.com. I'll re-rip them from CD at 192kbps and upload them again with proper ID3 tags.
[User Picture]From: stanleylieber
2006-02-13 09:10 am (UTC)


They are replaced. Same links.
[User Picture]From: silenceinspades
2006-02-13 04:45 pm (UTC)


if you would continue to post another album every couple of weeks, i'm sure my coworkers would appreciate it. i am now permitted to wear headphones and when i have them on, there is far less groaning, sighing and banging my head against things.

good stuff.
[User Picture]From: stanleylieber
2006-02-13 09:30 pm (UTC)


Thanks. I'm certain that more people have listened to this in the last 24 hours than ever heard it before. I really like this delay action. I'm going to start making albums and putting them in a shoebox and burying it in the yard or something.
From: nicepimmelkarl
2006-05-13 02:07 pm (UTC)

some early hausbubi


the diary. i recorded this in my kinderzimmer in the summer of 1980. the childrens voices are from a jean pierre gorin documentary shown on german television. i was surprised to find the voices included in the 2002 juvenilia edition of cabinet magazine.
it was sort of relevant to me because my twin nephews were living in the house as well. i used 2 identical sony tc 399 tape machines a roland cr-78 drum machine, mxr flanger, roland space-echo RE 301 and crumar ds2 synthesizer.


[User Picture]From: stanleylieber
2006-05-13 06:18 pm (UTC)

Re: some early hausbubi


Karl, thank you!

Here is my earliest surviving recording, made in 1994 with frankenstein'd home stereo components and a Casio SK-1: